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A bookkeeping role is required to ensure continuity of Accounting for the Club regarding day to day business and in the event that the Treasurer is unavailable.

Typically this would be to undertake common transactions, cover holidays and unplanned absence.

Time required to perform this role would vary from 1 to 2 hrs a week to 3 hrs a week in peak periods.

The Bookkeeper should have some understanding of business processes associated with day to day accounting activities of the club relating to Invoicing, Payables and Expenses.

An understanding of the Club’s activities and key personnel would be advantageous. The Club uses an online accounting package called Xero to record its accounts. It is the Treasurer’s responsibility to share all relevant knowledge and provide training to the Bookkeeper to enable them to carry out their role.

Full details of the Role attached. If you're interested in this role - and playing an important part of the efficient running of our Club - then please get in touch with Martin Oswald, Treasurer - email:

MSC-Bookeeper-Role-220924[62] (1)
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Vice Commodore

Overview of Responsibility:

As prospective Commodore, to learn about the club management in preparation for taking on the role of Commodore.


  • Attend GPC committee meetings and deputise for the Chair when required.

  • Co-work in the development of the Club business plan

  • Undertake projects relevant to the future of the Club

  • Take responsibility for the operations manual and make sure it is updated within your period of being Vice Commodore

If you are interested in getting involved - then please contact Sarah Mayhew at

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