During the autumn of 2021 the club started testing the use of trackers as a development tool for our lake users. We have used the trackers for training and racing for members. 

Different events/races can be chosen by clicking on the handicap button at the top of the embedded site. We recommend that you then tap the 'settings' wheel and change the map to 'Satellite', this will give the current google map image of the lake so you can see where you sailed and how close you got to the shallows. 

You can also pick the sailor whose track you want to review. Simply tap the person icon and either press on the coloured boxes to the left or go to the very top and press the 'ALL' button to deselect or reselect all entrants. Drag the map around using your cursor on the screen. 

Mark location - at this stage we don't necessarily have the marks in the correct place or indeed the final course. However, in the event that we develop this on, we will aim to place trackers on each mark so leg distance and speeds can be accurately recorded. 

Key tips for improving race performance

- Start on time - missing the start gives everyone else clear breeze

- The beat is your chance to make gains

- Don't get trapped - don't sit in someone's wind shadow

- Spot the lifts and knocks (tack on knocks and follow the lifts)

- Mark position/overlaps can be crucial to gaining positions

- Look up the course and plan your next move