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Paddlers Page

Welcome to our Paddlers Page at MSC. We're delighted you've stopped by. Here you will find all kinds of helpful hints for all things PADDLE related. 

Stay safe paddling on the lake.

Getting started, getting afloat

Check your leash - here's how

Paddle Sports

We have a very busy paddling community at MSC. Our paddlers are on the water all year round. It's worth investing in the right kit if you are on the water in the depths of winter or during a fresh breeze. 

Make sure that if you do come down when it's colder that you are prepared for any eventuality. We do operate a 2 craft policy from October 1st through 31st March. This is to ensure that if one individual gets into trouble there is another on hand to assist. 

For more information about any of our paddle sports please email and you can see the latest dates and courses here: .

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