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Members' Duties

We are a member’s club and rely on members to help run our club. To make it fair on everyone it is important that we share the responsibility.



We have several different duties. The purpose of these, are to help provide safety cover for Social Saturdays and Sunday racing.

All members are allocated to teams and expected to help on their allocated day. Each membership are scheduled to do approximately three half-day duties each year. Duties are scheduled via the Duty system located within the membership portal, and can be allocated under the Duty section seen below:

If you have any queries, please contact

Site Maintenance

We also carry out site maintenance via our volunteers. Please see the Harbourmaster to offer help.


Tasks required can range from:

  • Building maintenance

  • Construction of structures

  • Cleaning

  • Gardening


With plenty to do, a job can always be found to suit your skills and ability! In addition, we have two work parties every year, one in April and the other in October. We use these to have a big communal clear up of our grounds before and after the main season, or where we need a lot of help to do major projects. Hot drinks and food are usually available on these occasions to fuel the workers!

Social and Training Volunteering Opportunities

Organising and running our social activities also requires volunteers from the membership. If you like interacting and helping people at the club while socialising with others, please send us an email here.

Areas where you can help the club community:

  • Support promotional events open to the general public e.g. the club open day or a presence at local events and fairs

  • Join the bar team, and help the club to open the bar more often from behind the counter

  • Support training our Youth and Juniors, either by becoming a club Assistant Instructor or just supporting training or youth activities as a volunteer from land or on the water (e.g. preparing hot drinks for the young sailors or crewing a safety boat).

Join the committees

The club is run by two committees, the General-Purpose Committee and the Sailing Committee. All committee members are volunteers, dedicating their own time to run the club. If you feel like you want to contribute a bit more to your club, please consider taking any vacant roles. Depending on the role, committee members will require an average dedication of 10 hours per month.

If you are interested in being part of the committee, please let us know here.

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