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There are two committees, the General Purpose Committee (GPC) and the Sailing Committee (SC). Their members are volunteers who freely dedicate their time to make sure the club thrives and is a sustainable non-profit organisation every year.

To find out more about how the club is organised and managed, please refer to these documents.

General Purpose Committee


James Gladwyn

Membership Secretary

Leanne Moor

Communications Officer & Vice Commodore

Clara Sanchez


Sarah Street

Harbour Master

Chris Herbert

Bar Manager

Siobhan Whittaker


Emily Hudson

Social Secretary

Sarah Mayhew

Rear Commodore

Jon Hirsh

Sailing Committee

Sailing Captain

Tim Platt

Laser Captain

Chris Nash


Hannah Bouckley

Duty Rota

Andy Pearce

Albacore Captain

James Kearns

Menagerie Captain

Simon Hall

Youth and Juniors Coordinator

Gail Head

Social Sailing

Terry Watkins

Laser Captain

Gary Bullock


John Williams

Non-committee contacts

Child Protection Officer

Cath Knight

Bosun - Safety and Committee Boats

Malcolm Brown

Bosun - Y&J Sailing Boats

Stuart McAdam

Any questions or suggestions?

Next AGM - December 2021


Maidenhead Sailing Club Documents

If you are a member and you would like to consult any other club document such as accounts, or AGM, GPC or SC meeting minutes, etc. please contact our secretary


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