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Ready to teach? New instructors needed...

Are you interested in becoming an instructor? Are you ready for the challenge to share your skills and knowledge?

Due to retirements and relocations, we are now looking to add more adult instructors to our team.

Of course, you'll be trained in instruction. The Dinghy Instructor (DI) course is a five day course, which John Williams is going to be running early 2023 (Feb or April to be advised nearer the time).

There are some other considerations and training components that go into your training too:

  • Pre-Entry – which is a day of Seamanship type sailing

  • PB2 – this is a two day course

  • First Aid – This is a Day course

  • Safe and fun course, which is on line and takes about an hour.

  • G14 Instructor Handbook ( John has copies he will share)

More details and how to apply here:

Pre-entry John has booked the coach for the DI pre-entry on Wednesday 26th October starting around 09.30 – finishing around 15.00, this will be in Double Handers. He currently has four people signed up, however, the club will need more to support the increase in membership. Some information for you: John has a stock of the G14 books

To ensure all candidates for the RYA Dinghy Instructor course can sail a dinghy to a good standard they must demonstrate their sailing skills and background knowledge through the RYA Pre Entry Assessment, before taking the instructor course itself. The Dinghy Instructor course can then concentrate on teaching skills rather than how to sail properly. Racing skills will not be assessed as these skills are not part of an RYA dinghy Instructor’s remit. The practical assessment is essentially you, demonstrating a number of manoeuvres with good RYA Seamanship Skills and RYA technique, so what can you do in preparation for this?

Preparation Sailing regularly after taking an RYA Seamanship Skills course is a good place to start. Reading the G14 RYA instructor handbook and the G12 Advanced handbook will assist your background theory knowledge.

Being comfortable sailing any dinghy. The assessment is generally done in a double-hander, but not too performance orientated, such as Wayfarer, Laser 2000, Hartley 15.

Assessment You must be aware of the 5 Essentials at all times – sail setting, balance, trim, centreboard, course sailed and have good wind awareness. You will be asked to demonstrate four or more exercises of the list below:

  1. Sailing around a triangular course

  2. Sailing a tight circular course

  3. Sailing a follow the leader course

  4. Picking up a man overboard

  5. You may also be asked to demonstrate other skills too such as

  6. Rudderless sailing

  7. Lee shore departure and landing

  8. Picking up a mooring or anchoring

  9. Coming alongside a moored boat

  10. Capsize recovery

If you are interested in becoming an instructor, and supporting your club please contact John Williams directly via


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