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Our amazing Night Sail is coming up next week and new for 2023 we are also including a Sunset Paddle course around the edge of the lake.

All of our supplies are in hand - red and white safety glow lights for the sailing boats and buoyancy aid lights for under 16s.

A new batch of boat oars have arrived to help out returning to the pontoon. These are particularly useful for our juniors who go out and have a party on the water in decorated zests. The youth and race squad juniors also have a ball sailing their normal boats with extra decorations.

The German Octoberfest Sausages have also arrived and are filling up freezers at the club and around Maidenhead.

Originally planned for September 28th, the NightSail has been postponed by one week to October 5th due to the arrival of Storm Agnes.

The safety boat crews want a nice quiet night!

See you all at the Night Sail & Sunset Paddle


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