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We are delighted to be finally reopening the club from March 29th. 

As we plan the beginning of the season, the calendar is already populated with many interesting events.

The club will be boiling with activity during Easter, as we will be running again a Watersports Adventure Week.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, our traditional Easter Egg Series will take place. Best prize of all for the winners: chocolate eggs.

Albacore Open (18/04/2021) and British Moth/Solo Open (24/04/2021) will take place very soon. Sign up to the race now!

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New members always welcome

The club in action


Maidenhead Sailing Club Sunset Racing

“Absolutely awesome! Couldn't have imagined a better place for my child to learn how to sail, had first lesson today. Every aspect was immensely reassuring for me as a parent and thumbs up from kiddo! We thank all involved!”


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