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New Membership System

As our new membership year approaches, we're excited to tell you that we now have a new membership system. In the next week you will be receiving an email from Sailing Club Manager, asking you to log in to the new membership system for the first time.

Benefits of the new system:

The new system will allow us to send you an invoice for your membership renewals and will also allow you to pay by card rather than bank transfer.

How to renew your membership:

When you first log in to the new system we would be grateful if you could kindly check all the details we have for you are correct. We have transferred all the data from the previous system to this new system so it should be correct, however, please do notify us of any issues.

New membership invoices will be triggered by the system for your annual membership by w/c 13th March.

Please do keep an eye out for both the initial login email and the invoice email. Because this is the first time we're communicating with you via the new Sailing Club Manager system, there's a chance it may go to spam or junk mail. So please do check.

All should go smoothly for you - but any questions, then contact Phil at . Thank you and we look forward to another brilliant year of racing, paddleboarding, family fun and adventure at the lake.


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