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Cookham Dean Gravity Grand Prix

As the sun rose on Sunday 13th September the MSC Gravity Grand Prix team headed down to the club to collect the latest addition to our club's fleet, our downhill gravity racing Topper! Nerves were setting in for the entire crew! James Gladwyn, our Sailing Captain, led a merry band of sailors to the top of Cookham Dean to embark on a voyage down the narrow streets of Cookham Dean. Honourably handing the duties of either helming or crewing to two brave souls - Jenny Bentley and Harris Maidment. Harris and Jenny had spent many a moment training in the MSC carpark and so were perfectly prepared for the steep hill that lay before them. After a push from James G and Jeff Maidment our heros took their first pass at the course. They nearly arrived at the bottom in one piece, however, a small capsize towards the bottom of the course tested out their buoyancy aids and helmets. Learning from their first run, the intrepid pair did us all proud in their 'official' run making it down to the end of the course in a more than respectable 2mins 31 seconds. Sadly it wasn't quite enough to bring home the silverware on this occasion but there is always next year! On behalf of the MSC GGP team I'd like to thank all who donated towards this worthwhile cause, we managed to raise a decent sum towards the Air Ambulance appeal. Many thanks to the MSC GGP team - James/Cathy/Ben/Ellie Gladwyn, Jeff/Julie Maidment, Jenny Bentley (crew), Harris Maidment (helm), Martin/Cathy Knight, Richard/Katie/Leo Wilkinson, Mike Hamilton, Jenni Heward-Craig, Jon Hirsh who all put in many hours to make this event such a success.


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