Thursday Evening Racing Returns 9th July

Time of race start 6:45pm single handicap Duration approximately 45mins During this period we will be practising COVID Secure racing. 1.) Maintain Social distancing at all times whilst on shore 2.) Please arrive ready to be on the water or change in the car park as the changing rooms and wet room will not be accessible except the toilets 3.) Please minimize the number of people on the slips, and jetty areas and once your boat is afloat leave the jetty quickly to allow room for others. 4.) Sign on before the committee boat goes to the start area, although we are trying to get online sign on working via, mobile device or PC, so the information can be sent direct to the race officer. 5.) We are trying out new technology for running the racing so there will be a certain amount of experimentation taking place as we try to implement this so it can be carried forward into the rest of the racing at the club. The menagerie Fleet captain will be running most of the series but I will be looking for help in running the patrol (Safety) boat on these occasions. Could you please email me so I can put this help into place? We are looking for some form of Android tablet or I Pad to make this part of the furniture for racing and if you have one that is no longer used it would be appreciated if you could donate it to the club for this project. The BBQ will be lit and the bar open for take away drinks For more info contact:


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