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Super Skills Saturday

This Saturday morning (March 5th) we have a range of sailing activities available for all ages.

We have planned our sessions around the light winds that are set to continue through to the start of next week. At the moment Saturday is predicted to be dry with some sunshine but consider the air and water temperatures when you pick your sailing gear.

Our skills sessions for all fleets will focus on light wind sailing and controlling speed.

U21 Race & Adult Coached Race.

The course set for these two fleets will be similar in spirit to our standard club races but with the overall lap length, start line and legs adjusted to encourage the less experienced racers and the slower training boats. If you are in a Standard racing rig dont worry, you will just get more laps and more chances to perfect your skills! Trackers will be assigned to sailors who have registered by Friday evening.

Skills Session & Fun Races

Our skills session will focus on how we use the 5 essentials to control speed, stop and accelerate. We will also look at techniques for sailing Downwind in light breezes. Short fun races around a triangular course will include races with a Monte Carlo Start and races with a Stationary Start Box. This session is suitable for beginners of all ages, less confident sailors and anyone who likes a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

Hope to see you Saturday

Gail (OOD)


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