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RYA Start Sailing Course - first weekend

We are having a fantastic weekend here at Maidenhead Sailing Club with our very first RYA Start Sailing Course of the season. And so far the weather has been jolly good too.

We would like to extend the warmest welcome to our new members who have joined our family. After two days participating in the course, they are now getting to know the ropes (literally!).

RYA Start Sailing Course is meant for complete beginners (children or adults), and goes through the very basics. Understanding the wind directions and different points on sailing, basic manoeuvres like tack or gybe, and at the end of the weekend, sailing a triangular course. Lots of fun also out of the water with our famous knot board and a well deserved break for a picnic lunch.

We hope everyone is having lots of fun, and if you have missed this one, there is another course running on 19th and 20th June with some more places left.


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