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We are now asking members to Login to sign on for racing. The entry time commences 24hrs prior to the event.



We believe we are operating under  COVID -19 compliance as issued by HMG, RYA and BCU

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The Menagerie Fleet encompasses all the other boats not in the Albacore, Solo or Laser fleets and includes RS Vision, Optimist, Topper, Topaz, GP14, Enterprise, British Moth and Comet at the moment consists of about 70 members.

The fleet races every Sunday morning following the Pursuit race.  Whatever boat you own at the club we can offer you a handicap race where you can test your skills against all the other fleet members and once a month the club runs a handicap race instead of the class racing so you can sail against all the members.

Within the Menagerie Fleet we hope to run some sub-classes where there are a significant number of the sail class of boat sailing.  These boats will still compete for the Menagerie Prizes whilst racing for their own class prize.

The Menagerie fleet always welcomes new members and look forward to seeing how their boats compare with other classes and are very willing to give advice to new comers.

Simon Hall   Menagerie Fleet Captain


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