ImageRacing takes place throughout the year on Sunday mornings and on Thursday evenings during the summer months.

The are separate class starts for Albacores, Lasers and Solos along with a "Menagerie" handicap fleet that consists of a wide range of boats including boats from the following classes: Phantom, Enterprise, RS Vision, Topper, Optimist, British Moth, Comet.

MSC Sailing Instructions (Updated Mar 2018)

ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2017-2020

ISAF Interpretations of Rule 42, Propulsion


2019 Spring Series


2018 Winter Series


2018 Summer Series

2018 Open Meetings (results will be posted as and when the events occur)


2018 Spring Series

2017 Winter Series

2017 Summer Series

2017 Open Meetings (results will be posted as and when the events occur)

2017 Spring Series

2016 Winter Series

2016 Summer Series

Open Meetings 2016

2016 Spring Series

2015 Winter Series

2015 Summer Series

2015 Spring Series

Open Meetings 2015

2014 Winter Series

 2014 Summer Series

Open Meetings 2014

2014 Spring Series

2013 Winter Series

2013 Spring and Summer Series

Open Meetings 2013

2012-13 Winter Series


Results Archive

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