Social Sunset Fridays


Bring your boat for a float or borrow one from the club. You can stay close to the clubhouse and poodle along the edges and enjoy the birdlife and magnificent sunset. From the lake, you can see some of the surrounding landmarks such as Taplow Court, Cliveden and Cookham Dean and our incredible variety of birds that come to nest and feed. In the warmer months, we can get more adventurous and playful with the kayaks and paddleboards and try new manoeuvres and rescues. The bar will be open, and you can bring a sunset picnic or enjoy some snacks while enjoying the company of other members. Bring friend and family along as guests, and hire is available as well. Sunset time varies each month, so we will be flexible with the timing and make the most of post paddling delights. There won’t necessarily be a coach for this session so it can be relaxed and member-led. Scott will be leading some training and sprint sessions at the same time, if you are feeling ready and wanting to join these sessions - see below.




Friday Evening Training & Sprints


Improve your fitness and paddling skills with training and fun sprint races led by Scott. These sessions are great for those looking to take their paddling a bit further, keep fit on the water or get a first taste of paddleboard racing. Each session will consist of a training plan suitable for beginners and seasoned paddlers alike. During the training sessions, Scott will be on hand to lead the program and point you in the right direction. For the sprint races, we set a short course so you can challenge yourself and other paddlers, either in short sprint races or time trails. These sessions are a great way to train for our monthly races series as well.


Paddle Fit Saturdays - Mixed Paddlesports Skills Session all ages & levels welcome


Wake up on Saturdays and get your body moving, bring a boat or board or share the club ones and get your heart pumping. There will be coach around if you want to work on your paddle strokes or fitness. Maybe you want to progress your paddle sports skills with some British Canoe Awards or have a good workout on the water. All ages welcome as long as we have some extra adults around to keep the youngsters safe. So whether you choose a kayak, canoe or a paddleboard, this session is open to all.



Social Sundays SUP Skills & Sunset


One hour before sunset, join the coaches on the lake for some paddleboard fun, designed to get you moving on your boards. A choice of activities depending on number of paddlers and coaches such as SUP Yoga on the board, sprints and turns around the buoys or maybe you are up for some SUP Polo (ball game on the paddleboards).


Sunday Monthly Paddleboard Racing Series

Once a month, we will be holding a paddleboard race where you can challenge yourself against other paddlers of all skill levels. This series will cater for novices and experienced paddlers through options on course length and board classes. For novices, these races are a great introduction to what you can expect from paddleboard race events. For experienced paddlers these races will be perfect training events throughout your season, honing your race craft and pushing your paddling fitness. Each event will be slightly different to mimic the race disciplines of paddleboarding, whilst also forming a winter and summer series of 5 races each.