At Upper Thames Sailing Club

Fast moving water, force 4-5 with scary gusts, narrow river not to mention pleasure cruises, rowers and barges.


Well not the most promising conditions for our Juniors to learn to team race. In this frenetic environment with lots of scrapes, bangs and other teams crews refusing to sail anymore we raced 3 Fevas against 3. Admittedly our first results were not promising but our boys responded to the challenge and got better and better throughout the first 8 races. We then raced  a further 2 races in the bronze league and got some great results with 1st, 2nd and 3rd  in the final race to win the bronze trophy. Paul Barnes and Peter also helped out Goring and substituted for them so they could continue racing. I feel really proud of them all as they didn't complain or whimper in really trying conditions,  they simply got on with the job.

The Juniors were Jordan Giles,Sacha Mayhew, Richard Russell, Monja Danischewsky,Chris Henderson, Peter Marshall and Paul Barnes.

Boats heading for 1st mark

By Clare Marshall

Additional reporting

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