First we must say that SOAP stands for Sailing Old Age Pensioners and this group of members meet at the Club every Thursday afternoon throughout the year as a social gathering for those of us who have Thursday afternoons free.  Although the group (there are no membership cards or agenda) is mainly made up of those of us who take our pensions, any club member who finds that they are free on Thursday afternoon are made welcome.  The main aim is to chat, and to drink tea!


As you know any club that is run by its members needs “friends” who are willing to do any number of jobs from re-positioning the buoys, re-painting the numbers for the pursuit races, mowing the grass, tidying the bridge, checking the radios work and as the clubhouse has been extended, larger jobs inside the new facilities. All these are things that keep the club going.  The SOAPs have been doing lots of these and many other jobs without being asked, putting their individual skills to good use.

In the Summer, many of these SOAPs still want to race and so stay on to enjoy the Thursday evening handicap series which is proving very popular with members.  It is not coincidental that the SOAPs meet on Thursdays!

At the end of each year, a Christmas Lunch is organised and this year (2011) was no exception.  The traditional Christmas meal was prepared, cooked and served by the group to 24 “members and their wives” on the afternoon of Monday 12th December in the clubhouse.  The costs were divided amongst those who enjoyed the meal.  This year we chose to meet on a Monday instead of our normal Thursday because the school children are not using the club on that day of the week and we could have the rooms to ourselves.

We look forward to this group growing and we know that there are many more members who fall into the “SOAP” category and we would like to see more joining and bringing their wives with them.