Due to new and overly restrictive conditions to the use of its home waters, Taplow Lake Sailing Club has had no option but to close at the end of March 2010. Maidenhead Sailing Club, just 1.5 miles away, has offered the club a relatively simple way to keep its members together as a group and the spirit of the club alive.

Most of TLSC's active club members have joined Maidenhead Sailing Club. During late February and March 2010, a procession of boats has made the short road trip over the Thames and up river to Summerleaze Road.

Maidenhead Sailing Club’s water is an ex-gravel pit, similar to Taplow’s former home, and with similar winds. The lake is a little larger but the main practical difference for TLSC sailors will be the two islands, which add a new tactical challenge to sailing the racing course. 

The other main difference, which Taplow Lake Sailing Club members have already taken some advantage of, is the presence of a very friendly club bar.

The arrival of Taplow’s members at Maidenhead Sailing Club has been warmly welcomed. It’s turned out that both sets of members have a lot in common and the expansion of the starting line is great for everyone. Established Maidenhead Sailing Club members recognise that the club is not only bigger but also better for the addition of so many new faces.

Sailors travelling to open meetings formerly hosted at TLSC may find the course slightly different, but all the faces and the same race organisation will be in place, bringing a wealth of experience to bear on creating a great sailing weekend.

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