Sunday Afternoon Informal Coaching starts on Sunday 29th April about 1:00pm.  This takes place after the main Sunday racing, and carries on until the end of July  Some members have already put their names down to help here and details of specific training items will be on the training notice board shortly.  If there is anything you require ask any member of the Sailing Committee who will be only to happy to assist.


These include the following topics:

  • Introduction to Racing
  • Upwind sailing and the five essentials
  • Starting Techniques
  • Wind shifts and Bends. Pointing verses Speed
  • Mark rounding and mast rake
  • Coming alongside a rescue boat
  • Back to basics


There is now a sheet on the training notice board.  If you have not already emailed your likely attendance to some or all, please feel free to sign up on the sheets for any appropriate sessions you require.

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