Sunday 11th September dawned as the perfect day to take "Sinking Feeling" to the top of Cookham and roll gently towards the bottom! James and his team devised several enhancements to the boat to include a new rig, water jets and a new boat pairing of Jenny Bentley and Sacha Mayhew. Pitting themselves up against many (50) professional and amateur crews. 

For those of us who went to watch we had little idea of the events which were to come. 


Our descents down the hill at Cookham involved one capsize and a crash (That's one more than last year - not a good trend!) but the award for the most spectacular of the two goes to Jenny and Sacha for rolling the kart shortly after the start.  Despite suffering quite a few scratches and a ripped pair of jeans Jenny bravely hobbled up and down the course supporting the rest of the team and Sacha was willing/able/foolish enough to jump back in the kart with Stuart to complete the 2 descents.


After posting a very credible 2 mins 20 seconds for their first run down the hill, a minor incident on the second timed run (no more bruises or ripped clothing....) meant that Stuart and Sacha were slower at 2 mins 37 secs.  Although we had managed to reattach the sail for the second run after the mast broke on the first capsize, so that may also have slowed them down a little.


So, that means the winner of the sweepstake goes to James Kearns - Congratulations, there is £30 waiting for you!!  You guessed it would take then 158 seconds to make the descent, and nobody put their name in the 156 second slot, so you are the closest!


This year there was a roving photographer and a photographer taking aerial pictures at the event. The roving pictures are now available on the GGP Facebook page. The link is together with details on how to purchase them with all funds contributing to the Air Ambulance collection. 

The photo above is courtesy of Martin Knight.


Thanks must go to Chris Webb for the loan of his bike helmet for the 2 runs! Next year we might try radio comms to ensure that the brake person can there the instruction... either that or find a more experience double handed crew. As ever thanks also go to the core group of mechanics, painters, decorators, sail makers and rig constructors for doing an amazing job of taking our craft and improving it for this years attempt. 


Short of the crash on the 2nd bend on widow makers we were on target to go sub 2 minutes. So that's the target for next year!