The lake webcam picture is updated every minute.  A live feed is also available that allows control of the camera direction.

Sumerleaze Lake Webcam Image
Sun 21st Feb 2016 14:50

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You can control the lake webcam and view the lake in real time just click on the webcam image.

If two of more people are using the camera at the same time, the camera will move to the position of the last command received.  All users will be able to see the video feed, however the refresh rate will reduce with more users.

Please park the camera in the "Home"  position after use and close the popup window to make bandwidth available for someone else.

Webcam Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the image black?
A: The webcam takes pictures day and night. If the image is black it is probably night time. The webcam is in the UK on London Time (GMT or GMT+1).

Q: What is that chair doing there?
A: When the lake is frozen, we put the chair on the ice. When the chair sinks we can go sailing again!

Q: What chair?
A: See above. If the lake isnt frozen, you wont see the chair.

Q: Why does the live javacam not work?
A: Occasionally the camera requires a reset or our internet connection is down. We aim to get the camera back up and running as quickly as possible.


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